Trafigura headed for period charters

Trafigura chartered a tanker Agios Nikolas (which is 10 years old, 37557 DWT) fitted with a scrubber from Enesel for 15 months. The daily charge was agreed at $34,000. It is one of three super-tankers chartered by Trafigura this month. The 319,000-dwt chemical/oil products tanker sails under the flag of Malta.

After this agreement four VLCCs of Enesel’s fleet were chartered for long periods.

The Enesel, which was founded in 2003, focuses on long-standing strategic cooperation. The shipping company is actively doing its business in the spheres of contanerships and tankers. However, lately it has set up a goal of expanding its tanker fleet.

Several days ago it got a brand new suezmax tanker ordered by the company at Daehan Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.

Among its other orders there are two more suezmax, which are under construction at the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard, with a delivery date of 2021.

Trafigura also fixtured the 320,000-dwt Sea Gem (2013) for 6 months at the rate of $31,000 a day.

The trader chartered eight VLCCs for four to 12 months. The deals were done between $25,000 and $42,000 per day, depending on vessel ages and period lengths.

In general, the company has fixed 12 VLCCs in September. With the contango in crude and gasoil markets, the chartering spree has prompted speculation that Trafigura will use some of the ships to store oil.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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