The offices of Goldenport Odessa and Oceangold Odessa changed their address

Офис Goldenport Odessa и Oceangold Odessa

Goldenport Odessa and Oceangold Odessa, as of April 23rd 2018 moved to their new modern premises at 7 Nekrasova Lane, Odessa, 65082, in the area of the terminal bus stop 220. Located at the cross of Preobrazhenskaya and Nekrasova, with even more space, both companies will be able to proudly serve seafarers in the best possible way and even with private training room for all ranks and ratings.

Established in 1998, Goldenport Odessa is one of the most stable companies in Ukrainian labor market, with prestige and reliability and above all respect towards the Ukrainian seafarer.

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Офис Goldenport Odessa и Oceangold Odessa

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