The launch of the first alternative propulsion ship pushed back to 2024

France’s significant project for alternative propulsion will be finished in 2024. NEOLINE

Developpment has approved NEOPOLIA Mobility to build its first wind-propelled cargo vessel. The length of the ship is 136 m. the Region of Pays de la Loire has allocated 1.3 million euros for this project.

Nowadays the alternate propulsion project has moved into the closure phase, construction can begin this summer, and launch of the vessel is planned for 2024.

The Velic propulsion system, which is installed on board, allows a saving of 80% to 90% in fuel consumption and associated emissions compared to a similar cargo carrier.

President of NEOLINE Developpment Jean Zanuttini claimed: “Neopolia Mobility’s offer emerged from our call for tenders as being the best able to reconcile our technical requirements, our budgetary and time constraints, as well as our desire to participate in the development of our region.”

It is hoped that this project can support the development of a new wind propulsion industry for merchant fleet.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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