The COVID-19 applies its own corrections to the shipping industry

Due to the problem with the pandemic, it has become much harder to make crew changes. Seafarers don’t have enough time to rest; moreover, they are unpaid for their work.

Some parties involved in the shipping industry are eager to cut the corners and bypass significant international rules aimed at protecting crew members and environment.

The International Transport Workers’ Federation, being the representatives of seafarers, is concerned about the situation. They are unwilling to put seafarers at risk within such circumstances.

The survey carried out by the ITF shows that more than 70% of the respondents turned out to be anxious about their physical and mental state. Tiredness and fatigue are two main issues of their concern. About 60% of them are afraid of being involved in some accident or incident due to these factors.

Although safe manning levels are not adhered to, the flag states are not allowing shipowners to operate the vessels with a reduced manning factor which could be quite considerate in terms of pandemic. The same workload has to be divided between less crew members. Thus, seafarers are becoming exhausted, stressed and aren’t able to fulfill their duties appropriately.

As a result, there are many accidents that happen at sea but the seafarers cannot be blamed for them.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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