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Shipping industry is recovering from the consequences of pandemic

Shipping industry is hiring seafarers again as the markets get over and the global economy struggles to recover from the consequences of Covid. The growth is quite visible taking into account that a number of vacancies has raised by 40% in 2021. This week more than 700 jobs in maritime sphere have been posted online.

Overall number of vacant positions is increasing. Directors of crewing agencies for some big shipowners are greatly appreciated.

Recruitment process has activated considerably in 2021, specifically in those areas where Covid-19 cases are not so widespread and vaccination programmes are well-established.

Significant focus is made on replacement, not hiring. This is particularly due to the fact that companies are not so sure about the situation caused by the world pandemic.

Both Spinnaker and Halycon report strong recruitment demand from fast-growing offshore technology companies.

Moreover, a great number of auxiliary personnel for offshore-oriented companies is required in Europe and Asia.

Companies are gradually recovering over the harsh times and are gaining more confidence in hiring process.

Some seafarers who aren’t used to take on a risk of job change, currently are thinking of moving on. One of the main reasons for that is a desire of getting higher wages.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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