Scuttled newcastlemax off the coast of Mauritius

The bulk carrier Wakashio is staying with its most from part on the bottom of the Indian Ocean not far from the coast of Mauritius

The wrecked bow and open holds of a carrier were towed to the final place where holes were made holes in its hull to allow the entry of water. However, the local officials made strong opposition to such a procedure.

The vessel changed its course and ran aground close to the protected marine area near the coast of Mauritius. As a result about 1,000 tonnes of bunker fuel were spilled, and the vessel broke up in two parts. The master and the Chief Mate were taken into custody charged with “posing a threat to safe navigation”. 

The online platform was launched by the government authorities to let local officials make claims for any losses occurred due to this accident and oil spillage. These claims will be further sent to the owner of the vessel and its insurers.

Specialists of the technical department examined the phone of the captain within the scope of their investigation. The report of the case suggested that the vessel deviated from its course to get a phone signal. 

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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