Ruby Princess gets ready for police investigation due to coronavirus

The New South Wales Police launched an investigation into the circumstances of the docking and disembarking of Ruby Princess where COVID-19 had identified. That actions led to huge number of infections and deaths in the region last month.

According to Offshore Energy media source, on April 5 Police Commissioner Mick Fuller stated the investigation is underway to fully examine the communications, actions and circumstances that led to the docking and disembarking of the vessel at Sydney Harbour on 19 March 2020. The investigation will probably involve interviewing thousands of witnesses, including the master of the cruise ship, the rest of crew members, passengers and doctors who participated in the treatment.

Last month Ruby Princess with 2 647 passengers on board arrived in Sydney although some of them were displaying influenza-like symptoms. As it turned out, the ship caused the largest source of coronavirus infections in Australia.

One of the infected three passengers later passed away in a local hospital. Death toll has increased to more than ten. At the same time, the cruise company is trying to repatriate the crew currently on board Ruby Princess. Police have been known that about 200 of all crew members are displaying symptoms, 16 of them are confirmed to have returned positive results for COVID-19.

Commissioner Fuller noted, the ship’s pratique left some questions about the transparency in conceptualizing the passangers’ and crew members’ health conditions.

“I have examined a number of phone calls between NSW Ambulance, Port Authority of NSW and NSW Police that stemmed from the initial 17-minute Triple Zero call from the ship to NSW Ambulance on March 18,” he said.“There appears to have been an exceptional amount of effort put in by ports to determine the true nature of the conditions on board – and even delayed the vessels arrival until they were provided additional information.”

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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