Resolution of the United Nations on seamen as key employees

General Assembly of the United Nations urges to consider seamen and other people who work in this sphere key employees and to apply appropriate measures for mariners to have opportunity to be sent back home or to join the vessel if this is the case. They should also be entitled to get medical assistance.

As a result of the worldwide pandemic, a lot of seafarers have faced some difficulties. An appropriate resolution was adopted on the 1st December, 2020. It aims at facilitating this uneasy period for them due to international cooperation. The UN encourages all the legal entities and individuals from maritime sector to solve the situation with stranded seamen and those who are not allowed to join the crew on new voyages due to restrictions implemented in relation to COVID-19.

This resolution also prompts countries to follow protocols established by IMO to guarantee that crew changes and travelling of seafarers will be performed safely during the pandemic with the compliance of all the necessary measures.

The International Maritime Organization hopes that implementation of this resolution will help to cope with the circumstances of the crisis with crew changes. Currently, quite a few seamen suffer the consequences of the pandemic. They stay at sea much longer than their contracts stipulate it. As a result, their physical and mental health suffer, and it will take some time in future to recover.

Some countries and agencies have already moved ahead with determination of seafarers as key employees. It is a hopeful perspective as this difficult situation with the crew changes negatively influences lives of seamen. Moreover, supply chain and shipping industry as a whole suffer a lot as well.

Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization believes that due to the resolution which will give a start for considering seafarers as key employees, there are more chances that mariners will be vaccinated immediately. It will facilitate coping with the crisis of crew changes.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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