The present Policy of confidentiality of the personal information (further — the Policy) operates concerning all information which the Mobile Application can receive about the user in a usage time it Applications.

Use of the Mobile Application (further — MT) means the unconditional consent of the user with the present Policy and the conditions of processing of its personal information specified in it; in case of disagreement with these conditions the user should refrain from use of Services.

  1. The personal information of users which receives and processes MT

1.1. Within the limits of the present Policy as «the personal information of the user» are understood:

1.1.1. The personal information is any information which the user gives about itself, including direct personal data of the user. Obligatory for granting of Services (rendering of services) the information is marked in special way. Other information is given by the user on its discretion.

1.1.2 Data which are automatically transferred in the course of their use by means of the user of the software established on the device, including an IP address, the information from cookie, the information on the browser of the user (or other program with which help access is provided to Services), access time, the address of required page.

1.2. The present Policy is applicable only to the given Application. MT does not supervise and does not bear responsibility for sites and mobile applications of the third parties to which the user can pass under the links accessible in given MT, including in search results. On such sites and in applications other personal information can gather or be requested of the user, and also other actions can be made.

1.3. MT generally does not check reliability of the personal information given by users, and does not carry out control over their capacity. However, the application recognizes that the user gives the authentic and sufficient personal information on the questions offered by MT, and supports this information in an actual status.

  1. The purposes of gathering and processing of the personal information of users

2.1. MT collects and stores only those personal data which are necessary for granting and rendering of services (execution of agreements and contracts with the user).

2.2. The personal information of the user of MT can use in following purposes:

2.2.1. Identification of the party within the limits of agreements and contracts;

2.2.2. Granting to the user of the personalized services;

2.2.3. Communication with the user, including a direction of notification messages, inquiries and the information, Services concerning use, rendering of services, and also processing of inquiries and demands from the user;

2.2.4. Improvement of quality, convenience of their use, working out of services;

  1. Conditions of processing of the personal information of the user and its transfer to the third parties

3.1. MT stores the personal information of users according to internal regulations of concrete services.

3.2. Concerning the personal information of the user its confidentiality, except cases of voluntary granting by the user of the information on for the general access to an unlimited circle of persons remains.

3.3. MT have the right to hand over the personal information of the user to the third parties in following cases:

3.3.1. The user has expressed the consent to such actions;

3.3.2. Transfer is provided by the Russian or other applicable legislation within the limits of the procedure established by the legislation;

3.3.3. With a view of a possibility of protection of the rights and legitimate interests of MT or the third parties in cases when the user breaks Terms of service of services of MT.

3.4. At processing of personal data of users of MT is guided by the Federal law of the Russian Federation «About personal data».

  1. Change by the user of the personal information

4.1. The user can change at any moment (to update, add) the personal information given to it or its part, and also parameters of its confidentiality.

  1. The measures applied to protection of the personal information of users

5.1. MT accepts necessary both sufficient organizational and technical measures for protection of the personal information of the user against wrongful or casual access, destruction, change, blocking, copying, distribution, and also from other wrongful actions with it of the third parties.

  1. Change of the Policy of confidentiality. The applicable legislation

6.1. MT has the right to make changes to the present Policy of confidentiality. At modification of actual edition last update date is underlined. New edition of the Policy comes into force from the moment of its placing if other is not provided by new edition of the Policy.

6.2. To the present Policy and relations between the user and MT, arising in connection with application of the Policy of confidentiality, is subject to application the right of Ukraine.

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