NAFTOMAR: we need Ukrainian seafarers

June 7, 2019 in Odessa, a seminar was held by the Greek company NAFTOMAR Shipping & Trading Co Ltd — one of the largest LPG shipowners in the world. The workshop was the final point in the training of Ukrainian seafarers, who received the appropriate certificates.

This seminar is not the first such event that NAFTOMAR holds in Ukraine. For example, in June 2018 in Odessa in partnership with the National University «Odessa Maritime Academy» was organized by the «One Day LPG / Carrier Introduction Course». The leaders and top managers of NAFTOMAR regularly, at least once every two months, visit Odessa, the largest port of Ukraine, on business visits. And the main interest of the employer is directed, first of all, to providing work and career opportunities for Ukrainian seafarers.

“Today at the seminar we discussed issues of interaction between crew members on board, principles of teamwork, problems of communication between departments, talked about duties and responsibilities. We touched upon all the nuances and conditions necessary for the effective management of the vessel and its high-quality operation, ”said NAFTOMAR Crew Manager Ghamraoui Jad. “We have seafarers of various nationalities working for us, but we prefer crews from Ukrainian.” Such events, during which we maintain direct contact with seafarers during the week of training, allow us to increase mutual understanding and strengthen cooperation. ”

According to captain Jad, previous seminars allowed management of NAFTOMAR get a full feedback, and it is very important not to slow down and direct joint efforts to build an optimal cooperation model in the right direction. “Our plans do not change — we continue to operate on the principle of the pyramid. Our pyramid is a process of growth of a seafarers in a position, starting from the very first stage, from a cadet program. We act consistently: recruitment of young seafarer, their training and transfer to a qualitatively new level, transition to the category of professionals, and then promotion to higher positions. We instruct seafarers, teach them and share experiences, and after 40 years have passed since the company was founded, believe us, we have something to share, ”said our interlocutor.

Especially for Ukrainian seafarers, NAFTOMAR organizes courses in Odessa, where seafarers are trained to work on the company’s vessels. And the result is: with February 2018, the employer promoted 22 Ukrainian cadets. In total, from the beginning of 2018 to the present, 75 cadets were employed by the company’s vessels. Today, NAFTOMAR has about 650 seafarers on board. And according to cpt. Jad, 99% of the cadets selected to work become officers on the company’s vessels.

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