MOL budgets about $9m to help with cleaning operations near Mauritius

Mitsui OSK Lines, which chartered Wakashio bulker, has assigned more than $9m to provide aid with clean-up operations.

The vessel changed its course and proceeded sailing on the wrong course. Such actions of the ship resulted in grounding which took place almost two months ago. Thus, more than a thousand tonnes of bunker fuel leaked in the marine environment close to the southern part of the island.

The vessel, sailing under Panama flag, was chartered by Mitsui OSK Lines. The shipowners Nagashiki Shipping let the vessel on hire, while Anglo-Eastern company served as crew managers.

MOL has budgeted funds for clean-up operations of coral reefs and replanting mangroves. MOL has also mentioned its intentions to help local fishers. Besides, they are going to encourage tourism by sending one of their cruise vessels to the Indian Ocean within next two years.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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