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Kidnapping on LNG carrier

As a result of a pirate attack, one crew member was kidnapped from LNG carrier in the Gulf of Guinea.

On Saturday, October the 17th, the vessel Methane Princess was attacked by the pirates while she was at anchor close to the capital of Equatorial Guinea.

The vessel, with almost 94,000 tonnes deadweight, was built in 2003 in South Korea. Owners and operators of the ship are located in the United Kingdom. They haven’t made any comments yet.

According to the given information, pirates attacked the vessel after the loading operations had been completed. Then crew members heard the alarm and rushed to the citadel.

Two seafarers were on the loading quay at that time, and they were taken hostage.

Fortunately, one of these hostages managed to escape from the pirate vessel. Although, he got some injuries as a result.

Luckily, there were no shots fired reported by the maritime security agency.   

Navy officers from the Equatorial Guinea arrived at the place of the incident to carry out the investigation. However, they haven’t given any other details yet.

LNG continued its voyage under the schedule and is currently underway to the next port of call.

Another pirate attack took place at the same time with an incident with Methane Princess. An oil/chemical vessel PTI Nile suffered the same fate not far from the capital of Togo.

Luckily, all crewmembers managed to shelter themselves in the citadel on the vessel.

According to the statistics, a number of cases with kidnapping has rocketed by 40% since the beginning of 2020 in comparison with the data last year.

This year has already witnessed about 13 pirate attacks more than last year.

More than 80 people were taken hostage during the attacks near Ghana, Nigeria and other places in the neighborhood.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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