Japanese shipping company cooperates with Microsoft to facilitate data entry

One of the Japanese shipping companies tends to reach efficiency in transportation process by sea using state-of-art technologies. They’ve come up with a new application that allows to handle operational characteristics of a ship in real time.

This application handles abstract information from logbook entries and uses it, thus increasing the quality of operational opportunities at sea as well as on shore.

As a rule, seafarers use customized software to record all the data which then is sent via e-mail to different recipients. However, this process takes much time and data analysis can’t be carried out immediately. Moreover, only some systems on ships have direct connection with those on shore. Thus, you may need additional input of the same information.

Mitsui OSK Lines developed the new app in cooperation with Microsoft. You don’t need customized program support for it; you can use web browser to take advantage of the app.

Due to this application you don’t have to transmit operational data from the ship via email any more. Also, it allows to decrease overall time for data entry flow thanks to linking between systems on board and shore.

Besides, this application facilitates controlling process from shore as the data can be handled immediately in real time.

Almost 200 vessels have recently been fitted with a new app.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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