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Israeli shipping line and Alibaba have become business partners

A shipping line from Israel has established relationships with Chinese company Alibaba in order to facilitate buying of sea freight via the Internet.

Such an agreement will allow sellers to get more benefits from logistic services. The shipping line ZIM will provide its services using Alibaba’s platform for logistics.

Due to such an effective collaboration the process of logistics platform on Alibaba.com has resulted in benefits for the stakeholders of the Chinese e-commerce. ZIM has a wide range of lines which allow for efficient, transparent and reliable delivery for the sellers from Alibaba. At the same time customer and support services have been improved as well.

Currently, both organizations are seeking new possibilities for further collaboration.

Alibaba has proved to be one of the major web portals in the world. ZIM, being a customer-oriented company, can encourage better services and options for the clients of Alibaba. Thus, supply chain on Alibaba.com can get considerable enhancement.

Alibaba has the biggest platform for electronic international commerce which will allow to establish logistics network globally not only with ZIM, but also with other eco-friendly counterparts. They aim at creating new standards in the logistics sphere.

Such a close cooperation between these two companies will contribute to improved supply chain services for customers and ensure a solid basis for the further development of the digital trade globally.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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