Iranian forces assault Korean tankers

Naval forces of Korea have recently entered into negotiations relating to the situation with Korean oil/chemical tanker, which was detained with twenty crewmembers, by the Guards of Iran.

They insist on pollution caused by the vessel, however the owner of the ship (DM Shipping) denies these allegations.

Representatives of the ship owner claim that the Revolutionary Guards have gained the ship by assault and made her alter her course and proceed to Iran. Local armed forces have suspended the voyages of many tankers over one and half years so far.

The South Korean authorities are doing all their best to cope with this situation by communicating with their embassies in Iran and the embassies of the opponent country in South Korea.

Before the incident happened, the vessel was moving in the east direction, after she had left her quay in Saudi Arabia.

The USA demanded from Iran to free the vessel. They assume that this taking over of the ship is one of the attempts of Iran to impose sanctions on the country.

Security officials say that by establishing conditions of insecurity, Iran tends to upset the balance of existing order, opposing collaboration between the USA and Saudi Arabia who hold military forces under their control throughout the territory of the Middle East.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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