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Germany comes up with a container for anti-coronavirus vaccine

Pfizer company shared news about potential distribution of their anti-coronavirus vaccine around the world. Despite positive response from shipping companies, there is a significant challenge that should be overcome to reach this goal. The drug is to be transported with special conditions, i.e. at a temperature -800C. It is a priority issue that has to be solved by the doctors all over the world in the nearest future.

A company MECOTEC from Germany, which specializes in cryo technologies, seems to have found a solution with distribution of the vaccine worldwide. They presented a special-purpose container for transportation of the vaccines against coronavirus. 

It is possible to carry about one million vaccine doses in one such container preserving necessary temperature of -80°C. Efficient cooling system is enough to transport drugs safely and under control.

MECOTEC company intends to freeze the vaccines just after their production in some mobile storage with deep cooling. Then the vaccines are to be placed in the containers and transported appropriately up to the point of their distribution. Moreover, upon the arrival such containers serve also other purposes, such as a storage and distribution point.

The company managed to reach such technological progress over short time due to its longstanding experience in the sphere of cooling industry.

American company Pfizer and their partner BioNTech from Germany announced about effective trials of anti-coronavirus vaccine. They expect the USA to start distribution of the vaccine in the nearest future.

In October the biggest containership company Maersk contracted with a U.S. biomedical company COVAXX to ship anti-coronavirus vaccine around the world provided that it is approved by obligatory regulations. 

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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