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Floating installations for offshore wind turbines are already in production

As offshore stationary wind turbines are becoming larger and more complex for installation, and a lot of countries are searching the ways how to locate them further from shore. The problem of deeper water can be managed if wind turbines of new generation could be mounted on the floating structures.

Bourbon Subsea Services has been engaged in the development of the floaters for almost 10 years by far. That’s why they have got a tender for its fifth project in a row connected with floating wind turbines. The company will supply and install a new prototype off the coast of Norway.

The company mainly deals with oil and gas operations in offshore sector. However, currently, they are exploring the working principles of three major types of floats to get solid expertise on this market.

The offshore market provides narrowly-specialized services and due to the situation with pandemic, its recovery has been extended. The development of the services of floats is expected to rocket within the next several years and reach the stage of commercial exploitation in three years.

Bourbon Subsea Services is going to take part both on prototype and pre-industrial phases within the next two years, following industrial stage in 2025. The next project involving nine turbines is scheduled for the period between 2025-2027.

The industry is very rapidly taking on new projects and future orders for floating offshore services are going to reach the scale of industrial development. If to dwell upon other sources of marine energy, including waves and tides, such technologies are not so efficient from the economical point of view. However, the use of hydrogen production as one of the elements may become a real breakthrough.

Besides offshore wind turbines with floating installation, the company is going to advance itself in logistics services, point-to-point transportation and making their vessels more digital.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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