“Entangled story” involving a huge MSC containership

The Port of Valencia has turned out to be an “unlucky one”. After a collision involving a container ship, an operator of a crane got injuries when part of the cargo-handling installation fell in the water.

A huge container ship with carrying capacity of about 23,000 TEU hit the crane performing maneuvering operations in the port. However, more incidents were prevented due to a quick reaction of the operator who warned other workers ashore about the defective work of the crane.

Fortunately, the operator got off cheaply – some scratches on his head and broken ribs.

According to the made reports the bridge of the vessel entangled with a cable of a crane. Currently, the removing operations of the crane are carried out in the Spanish port.

As the statistics shows such crane accidents involving container ships have become more common over the last years.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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