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Cruise Management International gives one month for the restart of a cruise ship

According to the President of Cruise Management International, Inc., they will have to spend almost a month to make the cruise liner ready to go to the sea.

They are currently working following a schedule of four weeks that can be required in order to reactivate and relocate the ship. Relocation of the vessel means movement pf the ship to some other place where she can take on passengers. The reason for such a time period is the quarantine restrictions to adhere to prior the seafarers’ embarkation.

These layup operations will depend upon the fact who manages the vessel: CMI itself or some other party.

Requirements for the vessels can vary from client to client. However, the company puts its best efforts in order to adjust its vessels to the regulatory requirements of their class as well as to monitor their operation and to test them at regular intervals.

As soon as the company is aware of the actual date of the reactivation of the vessel, they perform maintenance onboard of the vessel with a minimum number of crew members.

They will definitely have a lot of sanitary procedures on every vessel before their restarting. They will also have to ensure that cleaning operations are done appropriately; there is enough personal protective equipment on the ship, and the personnel is familiarized with new protocols and sufficiently trained.

Of the biggest problems that the company is going to face refers to logistical issues, such as obtaining particular parts and some restrictions upon travelling.

Although, this problem is not so critical if compared to the challenge of vaccination of all crewmembers in time.

CMI has implemented new protocols in cooperation with Bureau Veritas, which will safeguard label all their ships. Each crew member will have to get training materials before boarding in order to get prepared just at home. The preparation of the crew is one of the issues of concern of the company. They will have to perform all medical procedures, including vaccinations.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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