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Every crew management company knows how important it is to have a well-selected and motivated crew on board grew up in that company and knew firsthand everything about its structure, policies and requirements. In due time Danica Crewing Services was concerned over what can help ratings and officers to get a good start in their career and fully exercise all their professional skills and personal traits. In 2017 Founder and Managing Director of the company Henrik Jensen developed and implemented a system that helps crew members to look into a new position on board, smoothly join a team and obtain really valuable work experience.

Competence Management System is a program of professional development and provides as effective instrument for promotion of navigators and engineers, as well as their training during the sail. It doesn’t matter how perfect your theoretical knowledge is, real strengths and weaknesses of a seafarer can be evaluated only while sailing or cargo handling. Professional skills and ability to implement them in real life are not the only things that are taken into account. Personal traits, leadership, team working as well as English skills are priority issues. It is possible to get promotion starting from a rating’s position.

Danica Crewing Services has developed a multi-level system which stands out among other promotion programs. Minimum of bureaucratic red-tape and maximum demonstration of real knowledge and skills, – says Andrii Borodin, who became a 3/O after two voyages being an OS.

For the last three years Danica Crewing Services has proved to be a company that moves ahead with confidence. Since implementation of Competence Management System 37 seafarers have been promoted to officers. 58 ratings and officers overall have already taken part in this promotion system.

Last year the company moved even further and paid its attention to a problem with adaptation of crew members who get a new position during the sail. Perhaps every seafarer has once faced a situation when he/she needed help or advice of a senior crew member.

– Making an adaptational period easier and improving an evaluation mechanism of strengths and weaknesses of seafarers, Danica Crewing Services management have asked our senior officers to remember how they started their maritime career, – says the Head of Crew Management, Captain Andriy Sapon. – We shouldn’t forget about good maritime practice, maritime help and solidarity. Indeed, many of us remember and thank masters and chief engineers for assisting in our professional grow.

– At the very beginning of my work in Danica Crewing Services in 2017, I was offered to take part in Competence Management System, – recollects Vladyslav Vovk, who was promoted to the 2/О and now he prepares himself for the first sail in this position. – I should notice that promotion programs, which I used to deal with, didn’t provide for such systematic knowledge base. I know definitely that I can ask the C/О to help me with any issue, and at the end of my sail I will have to pass a kind of exam. Senior officers ask questions from real life, model situations that we can face even now.

Currently Competence Management System is effectively used on 14 vessels which are totally under crewing management of Danica Crewing Services. As Captain Andrey Sapon noticed, such a combination better influences effectiveness of ship’s operations, officers’ professional growth. Moreover, it makes conditions of their work, vacation and crew change more comfortable. Nine out of ten seafarers who leave a vessel and go on shore already know their next vessel. Crew changes schedule with regard to readiness of each crew member is made one year ahead. Thus, having earned great reputation at the maritime staff market, Ukrainian seafarers steadily raise their professional skills and ability to work in a team. Moreover, they become a role model for other maritime countries.

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Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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