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Compensation to be paid by Ever Given has been reduced

The Authorities of the Suez Canal have reduced the compensation for 400m-long Ever Given by $300m. Now government of Egypt claims $600m as opposed to more than $900 initially. The ship has to be made free in order to reach its ports of destination in Europe after being stuck in the Canal for almost two months due to grounding and obstructing the way for other ships for almost a week.

When the vessel was refloated again, it was towed to a saltwater lake in Egypt and detained.

The owner of the vessel announced about general average, and shippers have prepared themselves to pay for the delivery of more than 18,000 containers to the points of destination in Europe.

The ship’s owner tends to limit his liability to a little bit more than $100m according to the International Convention on Limitation of Liability.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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