Captains of five ships under Iranian flag are subject to sanctions implemented by the USA

Last week a conference was held in Washington presenting the news regarding affairs between the USA, China and Iran. The problem of coronavirus pandemic and the ways of fighting it was also on the agenda.

Captains of five ships under Iranian flag underwent sanctions as a result of taking oil to Venezuela. The USA made a statement about their intention to support a leader of opposition of Venezuela.

The Secretary of State also commented on their readiness to back interim President of Venezuela and all the citizens of the country in their desire to bring democracy back.

Administration of the USA President is willing to restrain energy trade of Iran and overturn Nicolas Maduro. They have also warned ports and all the parties involved not to provide any assistance to tankers and about possible consequences.

Exports of Venezuela have currently seen a dramatic drop over the period of 70 years. Economy of members of OPEC has fallen down. However, the president of the USA is quite disappointed that Maduro has held on.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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