Bio fuel of new generation

A shipping company from Japan, Mitsui Lines, has conducted trial on their tugboats with new type of fuel, which can be renewed.

This refers to biodiesel fuel which is produced from cooking oil and euglena -unicellular protists which have both plant and animal characteristics.

It is possible for vessels not to modify their engines in order to use this type of diesel fuel.

It was Euglena Company that transported the fuel to conduct the test. This factory for bio fuel production is located in Yokohama. Port Authorities of Nagoya provided for cooperation. 

The fuel is eco-friendly as it lacks sulphur – one of the key air pollutants. Moreover, as a result of its combustion, the level of greenhouse gases is much lower than during the same process involving conventionally used fuel.

The Japanese shipping company says that by encouraging protection of environment, they show their social responsibility. The whole Group company makes efforts to provide for emissions with no greenhouse effect, and these trials at sea support their strategy of reduction of negative impact on environment.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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