An oil tanker with 27 rescued migrants at an anchor near the coast of Malta

An oil tanker, owned by Maersk, saved twenty-seven migrants, where after it was brought to an anchor near the Maltese coast. The officials of Malta and Tunisia didn’t allow the vessel to enter. Authorities of these countries failed to provide any comments.

The crewmembers of the vessel rescued people after receiving a request for their assistance from the officials of Malta. 

According to the Maersk Tankers they managed to rescue the migrants from a wooden boat in which they sailed for several days before the boat went to the bottom.

The rescued slept on deck of an oil tanker, protected from the outside environment conditions.

According to the chief technical officer of the company the merchant vessels have no any conditions for taking care of extra people, thus they are running out of supplies.

A non-governmental group shared that they had got an emergency call from the boat with migrants sailing in the sea area of Malta. They had left Libya the day before. 

The statistics shows that a number of people who want to get to Europe from such countries has rocketed over the last year.

The chief technical officer of Maersk Tankers also said that they encourage local and governmental authorities to provide assistance with disembarking of the rescued migrants.

Authorities of Denmark are negotiating with Malta and Tunisia regarding this issue.  

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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