The latest news of SHIPNEXT

The company SHIPNEXT has grown its big-data to over 18.000 ship positions and thousands of cargo at any given moment.
This means it covers the bigger share of international shipping, which helps better analysis and forecast of the market, and can help make better commercial judgement and decisions.

The company launched an open source solution for electronic bills of lading, and will soon report the first ever smart contract in Shipping.

SHIPNEXT commerced the process of integrating real-time data from some of the world’s leading ports — a feature which will allow eliminate or minimize unnecessary waiting times in ports, especially to those using the system.

SHIPNEXT will also be adding instance pricing/indications, with analysis and instant comparison.

Last but not least, the management plans to get the 25 top world’s shipping companies to co-own up to 30 -50% of SHIPNEXT.
The company has a few major ones interested already.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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