Sweden shipping company orders a vessel with battery supply

Stena Line, a shipping company from Sweden, intends to operate two ships with battery supply within the territory of Denmark by 2030.

Stena Line has collaborated with several manufacturers of vehicles to join the project in order to achieve more eco-friendly performances in the work of marine engines, particularly, in CO2 reduction by 70% within the next 20 years in the Scandinavian ports.

According to Stena Line, the next year they will be able to specify the main characteristics of a vessel with power supply, and in four years they are going to make an order for the first vessel. It will be a breakthrough in eco-friendly shipping.

It will be the first vessel for the carriage of cars and passengers of its kind with fossil-free working principle. With length of 200 metres, it will have enough place to accommodate 1,000 passengers, while its cargo capacity will be even three times higher. The power supply should be enough to overcome the distance of 50 nm and it can be recharged in port.

Stena Line is thinking over a combination of electricity and fossil-free fuels for the supply of vessels on short routes.

However, it is all not only about the ships themselves. It will take some time to take care of support services and facilities for charging vessels in ports and other available places.

Stena Line has already experience with a hybrid vessel, which has been operating on the Scandinavian route for already 3 years. The vessel is charged at port.

Stena Line suggests that a level of CO2 emissions have reduced considerably since the operation of such vessels.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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