South Korea presents LNG-operated bulk carriers

The 4th largest shipbuilding company in the world (HSHI), located in South Korea, has recently finished construction of two exclusive bulk carriers (with almost 200, 000 tonnes deadweight each) operating on LNG.

Their names reflect their eco-friendly status – HL Eco and HL Green. Hyundai company is planning to launch two more vessels of the same type.

These large bulk carriers, operating on LNG fuel, will also be the pioneers on international voyage including South Korea.

The aim of these vessels is to reduce emissions of sulphur and nitrogen oxide as well as greenhouse effect as far as possible.

According to Hyundai company, the fuel tanks of these vessels and their hulls are made completely of steel, produced there in South Korea. Moreover, these tanks have the largest capacity of their type in the world.

Both vessels are fitted with such tanks and due to the presence of nickel steel in their composition, they show incredible sustainability towards fractures even at special temperatures required for storage of liquified natural gases. 

Hyundai company and their South Korean steel-making partner POSCO cooperated in order to enhance quality of material and co correspond to the requirements of IMO. This fruitful collaboration resulted in availability of the usage of nickel steel on the vessels, which used to be available only in shore-based storage facilities for LNG.

The above mentioned two vessels are to be delivered by the end of December. The launch of two more ships is scheduled for March of the next year. All four vessels are expected to go on 10 voyages in 2021, overcoming the distance between South Korea and Australia.

Hyundai company is the largest provider of vessels operating on LNG among their counterparts from South Korea. They want to encourage other shipbuilders to switch over to vessels using the same type of fuel which conforms to IMO requirements.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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