Russia ordered the nuclear icebreaker, which has every chance of becoming the largest in the world

The nuclear icebreaker port Atomflot based in Murmansk together with the Vladivostok shipyard will create a huge vessel ‘the Leader’, aiming to keep Arctic shipping lanes open year round.

The Maritime Executive reported, that its preliminary value is about $1.6 billion. The vessel will be launched by 2027 with two more ships in the same class to follow in the early 2030s.

Atomflot’s general director Mustafa Kashka stated: “The commissioning of this nuclear icebreaker will allow us to guarantee safe and regular operations in the eastern region of the Arctic Ocean, year-round navigation in the waters of the Northern Sea Route, and new possibilities for carving out high-latitude commercial routes.”

Constructing ‘the Leader’ is some kind of creating myth: the vessel would have the power to chew through ice up to four meters thick at a speed of 10 knots. It will help to clear a 50-meter-wide swathe of navigable water for other ships behind. Also, the vessel is expected to be more streamlined than other boxy icebreakers. A brand-new design offers an upgrade in aesthetics over outdated ships.

Length of ‘the Leader’ is more than 200 meters, and certain specifications in the design would make this ship much more agile in the water.

Источник: The Maritime Telegraph | Морская Правда

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